Using your Ceiling Fan to Heat your House

When heat is released into the living room, it will rise and generally only heat the upper half of a room. When a ceiling fan is run in reverse, it forces the hot air down along the walls and back into the lower area of the room. Most ceiling fans have a switch for different seasonal needs. In the Summer the fan blades should rotate counterclockwise and the Winter, clockwise. To make certain which setting it’s on, turn it on and stand underneath. If you feel air, then it is in “cooling mode” and you’ll want to reverse it to circulate the heat.

To get the most of your heating this winter, try these steps:

Fan Angle – When buying a ceiling fan, in addition to the reverse speed setting, make sure that the angle of the blades is at least below 12 degrees. If the angle is any less, the fan won’t be able to circulate the air properly, making it primarily a decorative piece – and one that wastes energy. A 12 – 14 degree angle on a ceiling fan is a good range, any higher and the fan will push as much air as a box fan.

Switch to Reverse – In order to reverse the blades on a ceiling fan, simply flip the switch (usually right below the blades) from down to up. When the blades are reversed, it also reverses the air flow (from down to up). Make sure to run the fan on the lowest setting; you simply want to recirculate the air – not create a breeze.

Fan at Thermostat – To get the most out of your ceiling fan use, make sure that you install a fan where your thermostat is as well. This will ensure that the thermostat gets an accurate reading of the temperature created in the room, keeping it from using the extra energy to heat it more. 

Lower the Thermostat – Though a ceiling fan can’t technically help heat (or cool) a home, it can help you lower your heating bill. Try lowering the temperature setting on your thermostat by a few degrees. Because the fan is forcing the warm air back down into the room, you may not need the air to be as warm. Try experimenting with different settings until you find the right comfort combination.

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