Home Electrical Safety Inspection

Home Electrical Safety Inspection with Fann Electric Services

When was the last time you had an electrical safety inspection performed on your Upstate home? Having a professional electrician assess your home’s electrical system is the best way to ensure both safety and energy efficiency.  A thorough examination of the entire system and components will give you a clearer picture of its current condition and point out areas that can be improved. It can also help you save a considerable amount on your monthly utility bills by making recommended repairs and upgrades. 

The fall is the best time to schedule a thorough inspection of your electrical system. Just before the weather changes and the family begins spending more time inside, it is helpful to know the condition of your home’s wiring. Our electricians will be able to verify a healthy system – or locate trouble spots and suggest improvements well before the holidays. 


Reasons for Electrical Inspections: 

· If you are purchasing an older home (not a new build).

· If your current home is 40 years or older.

· If you are experiencing regularly occurring power surges or tripped circuits.

· If you are adding a high-powered appliance such as a central air system or washer/dryer. 

· If you are adding a room or making a major renovation. 

· If you do not enough outlets/power in your home to accommodate your electrical needs.


Benefits of an Electrical Inspection:

· Verify the safety of your electrical system.

· Discover outdated wiring.

· Find repair or installation mistakes made by previous owners.

· Find frayed or compromised wiring that needs to be replaced.

· Find oversized fuses or breakers that are fire hazards.

· Assess the electrical system in a new home before buying it.

· Save energy and lower monthly utilities.


A Typical Residential Electrical Inspection Includes: 

· Assessment of all light switches and electrical outlets.

· Check for shock, electrocution and fire hazards.

· Assessment of grounding systems/proper surge protection. 

· Verification of working smoke and CO2 detectors.

· Electrical Panel Inspection.

· Assessment of outdoor electrical components. 

· Assessment of arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs). 

· Check for appropriate wattage of all light bulbs.

· Thorough report on home’s entire electrical system and components. 


According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), electrical malfunctions were one of the leading causes of residential building fires in 2014. 11% of fatal residential fires were caused by electrical malfunctions. 7% of residential fires resulting in injuries were also attributed to electrical malfunctions. While these percentages might seem low, consider the numbers if everyone took a more proactive approach to maintenance and safety measures. An electrical safety inspection can help keep your household from becoming a statistic. 

Ensure your home’s electrical system is in peak condition with a home safety check from Fann Electric Services. Contact us today and we’ll schedule a safety check with one of our friendly electricians. Call us today at 864-363-7028 or book online here